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Feb 3, 2013 6:30am EST
been growing at an average of about 2%, unemployment is where it was when barack obama took office, we are adding about 150,000 jobs a month, but john, the real problem here is this slow growing is occurring when we have had five straight trillion dollars worth of defense deficits to pump it up and we get $85 billion a month in transfusions a month from the fed and we are still limping along like a mature and quite frankly modest economy. >> eleanor? >> i think these numbers reflect the fact that government is shrinking and the defense department really pulled back in the last quarter of last year. it is a cautionary sign and looks like both parties are kind of sleepwalking their way toward a sequester. the ropes don't want to -- the republicans don't want to give up anything on the revenue side they would rather take a hit in spending. the democrats have protect social security, pell grants and medicaid, so they are not going to cave first. so if neither party blinks, the sequester will go ahead and we'll see further contraction in the economy. but you know, i'm not that glammy. i tak
Feb 10, 2013 8:00am EST
of the things is the new formation of the government in israel. i think the obama visit may play a role. it feels to me like really the politics are very, very much influx more so than they've been if you have for example president obama being very successful in his domestic program. feeling like he's more of a leader, more sure in his negotiations with people. i think that puts benjamin netanyahu in a different place than he's before been. >> we appreciate it. thank you for joining us. coming up my notebook. ♪ >>> france's operation in mali hasn't even ended, but already it's offering lessons for the future as u.s. and european militaries pare back spending. first, credit france and its allies for acting swiftly and decisively to keep mali from falling to al- qaeda, islamists and tuareg rebels. indeed the french operation drove islamists and tuaregs to turn on al-qaeda. second, light highly trained well armed special operators light infantry and paratroopers backed by air power proved vital. third, france crafted its thoughtful coalition to trade mali forces with troops from chad sec
Feb 6, 2013 5:00am EST
. that achievement dates back to october and was part of first lady michele obama's let's move campaign. >> neat video. that's a lot of shoes. >>> 5:34. time for another your money segment. >> jessica is back with the high price of the latest smartphone. >> that's right. if you're thinking about upgrading to a 4g phone which so many of us are doing because the technology is available, you need to keep this in mind. your cell phone bill is probably going to go way up. the reason why, 4g phones can easily become data hogs. that mean the typical 4g cell phone plan most of us have nowadays simply doesn't go that far. cnn reports if data plans stay the same five years down the road, the average user's smartphone bill could grow by $40 a month. a lot of cash. this is according to the visual networking index released by cisco. the increase works out to be an extra $500 a year. adds up quick. >>> the justice department is getting into a battle over beer. there are at least 2,000 local breweries around the country like port city in alexandria. they worry about one beer giant getting bigger and dominating
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3